Monday, May 20, 2013

The Gap Between the Two Trapeze

About a year ago I kept having a recurring thought in my mind, a thought to relocate.  It would come up at the most random times.  I would joke about it, lightheatedly, not really being serious, like, "I am going to move out to (blank) and do (blank)!" *insert awkward, forced laugh.* But every time I would think about it, I would get excited.  Something felt right. Something felt good. So I made a decision.  A really big decision, and I took it to the Lord.  And after a lot of thought, prayer, and fasting, I decided to make a move.  A big one.  Like across the country big.  

I decided to move to Utah. 

So right now that's what's happening.  I have not only made the decision, I have made the plans.  I have purchased the space bags for my clothes.  I have gotten the kitchen supplies.  I have secured a place to live. And I have taken that giant leap of faith-the lyric for my blog post title seems so fitting.  (Gotta love Coldplay).  As of this summer, I will be moving 2,000+ miles across the country for a fresh start.  

I can't think about the details too much because I start to get freaked out and think about how I only know like 2 people there, I am not sure what it will hold for me, etc. But mostly I am excited.  I am excited for this opportunity! I am excited for some fresh faces and new places!  

So who lives out in Utah and wants to be my friend?! haha,,but seriously.